Pharmaceutical placement service

With many years in the pharmaceutical industry, we have built up a strong network of highly skilled individuals. Many are valued freelancers with a rich skillset who could fit into your organisation with little up-front cost or time. Why approach an agency when we may be able to assist you first?

How would this work? If you have a resource requirement, simply contact us. Once we have received your request, we will in turn communicate within our network (discretely) and create a shortlist of candidates that we can personally recommend to your organisation.

We don't work like most agencies, by sending you an endless amount of CVs in the hope that you find one that fits the bill. In many cases we will have worked with the individuals that we put forward - people that we can personally endorse! And if we don't have anyone that we can recommend, we simply won't send you any CVs!

Likewise, we also don't take a comission, as the candidate will work direct through their own limited (or similar structure in Europe). This allows you to work direct with the candidate in a transparent way when negotiating an hourly/daily/weely rate. We will only charge you an introductory rate for a successful placement.


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